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What is Rippler

Rippler is the name my previous business partner came up with. A product “to create Ripples,” or more accurately, positive reverberations.


Rippler’s positive reverberations are meant for impact entrepreneurs, and the businesses that they build.  The product is code, and it provides the foundation for your bespoke/ custom software product, or MVP in startup parlance.  Think of it like buying a house, you get the structure, the doors, the windows but you’ll need to bring the furniture, paint the walls the colours that you like and choose what to do with each room.


The process to date has involved putting together all the relevant code that we believe you require into a single quality boilerplate codebase. We’re fairly confident we’ve got it right, as we’ve built so many custom apps before.  We have had a bit of a focus on consumer tech, and there will always be things that don’t fit the model, but it’s early days for Rippler and we have a big product vision.


Assuming your requirements work for Rippler, it has lots of benefits;  It simplifies the MVP specification creation process, one of the toughest parts of building an MVP, working out what you want in it, and what can be left out.  Rippler should save you roughly 50% of the normal required development time.  If you assume that’s five months, we’d hope it gets you there in two to three, and that’s a conservative estimate.


Additionally Rippler will improve the quality of your code as we’ve invested time writing quality code, test cases and all the requisite documentation too.  It will save you a lot of money as a result of the time saving. It allows you to retain your IP, it ensures scalability and last but by no means least, it guarantees total flexibility of the feature set that you require.


Once you’ve digested those benefits…let me explain a little more about the product – Rippler has a back end, we call it Core. It also has a front end, we call that GUI. Graphical User Interface…. Core is the brain, it’s the functions behind the face, it’s built in Node JS and can be used with any front end.


We built a front end too, partly because it’s useful and partly because it’s nice to be able to show people what we’re up to and GUI helps us do that. It is also one possible front end that you can use with Rippler Core, the benefit being, if you use GUI, then you save even more time and money.


People suppose that Rippler is for entrepreneurs and more specifically non-tech entrepreneurs. It’s not wrong.  A good supposition, we might say.  However if you consider the startup world as essentially the R&D department for capitalism then Rippler is a tool for any innovation or idea that requires a bespoke MVP or software application.


As well as partnering with non-tech entrepreneurs or startups without tech skills, we’re looking at working with agencies, innovation teams, universities, technologists and are keen that Rippler is taken up and used in the custom app or mvp creation process.


We’d like Rippler to be used to make net positive (social or environmental) ripples.  There’s a deeper mission though too – We’re trying to level the startup playing field too.

Inequality is very evident today, and it’s clear to the young that it’s not ok. And of course it’s not. You may be 45 and say, “that’s the way it is”, and you’re right but it does not stop it being wrong. Hence the anti-racism stance in the Black Lives Matter movement. Rippler is thus anti-establishment in that it lowers the barriers to entry of the startup world, and hopefully that helps even things out, and gives more people the opportunity to develop their ideas and build great software.


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