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What is Rippler

Rippler is a product “to create Ripples,” or more precisely, positive reverberations.  Rippler should help in the production of quality custom software and technology solutions that can have a positive global impact and help us achieve our vision.

Rippler is a node js stack that reduces the backend build time of custom software by as much as 80%.  All the heavy lifting required in setting up a new project has been completed.  You or your team can then build any additional features, and make the amendments that you’ll require, to complete the backend build.

On the front end, there are two options, you can create or select your own design and front end development, integrating with the Rippler back end or you can use our front end templates which will speed up development even more, but might not fit your brand requirements, however it’s definitely worth checking them out.

It’s comparable to WordPress, in that we’re aiming to do for custom software what WordPress has done for the content management system. Think of it like buying a house; you get the structure, the doors, the windows but you’ll need to bring the furniture, paint the walls  and choose what to do with each room.

Not every custom application will be a perfect fit for Rippler but the vast majority will. Assuming your requirements sync up with the feature set we’ve built in Rippler, it has lots of benefits.

Rippler will;

  • – Simplify the complex process of figuring out your technology specification
  • – Save you upto 80% of backend development effort. That’s worth tens of thousands of £ and lots of time.
  • – De-risk your software project by giving you the best foundation to get going with.
  • – Improve overall development quality by setting the tone for good documentation, and end to end test cases.
  • – Allow you to retain the software IP that you create
  • – Provide product scalability via a quality honed architecture
  • – Guarantee total flexibility of the feature set that you require. 

In short, it simply helps you in the process of custom software development. If that helps you to build a great business or solution which has a positive global impact, then it’s a win win, as we’ll be achieving our goals too.

If you have any questions about it, don’t hesitate to get in contact via hello@whyable.com


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