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The Creation of a Vision for Rippler.

Rippler developed out of the need to solve a problem;  So many of our clients and partners were using their personal money to build their first software product and as a result, they were understandably very price sensitive.

In order for our business to thrive and achieve it’s vision, we needed to be able to provide bespoke, flexible and high quality software at lower costs, making it affordable for more early stage businesses to build innovative technology products.

We also wanted to reduce effort, complexity and risks involved in delivering custom software, as it helps small teams execute their whole business more effectively, reducing the likelihood that they get lost in the rabbit hole of product development, and giving them more time to think about aspects like marketing. : (

At the time we did not know it but achieving that vision required a shift in the bespoke software development landscape; A reduction in the cost and development time of bespoke, flexible and quality software by a number of multiples.

After much hard work, we are now at a stage where we are beginning to deliver on that vision. We have built a product which should reduce backend development by up to 80%, we have created a number of frontend templates which will further reduce effort, and with the right approach to the development of a software project, the final costs for a custom application should be up to four times more affordable.

As we troubled ourselves with solving this problem we inadvertently fell into the exciting low code space, or possibly something closer to “less code”, as code is still central to the development of a final custom software product with Rippler.  It just requires less heavy lifting, time and expense for a great product to be built.

We hope that Rippler will do for bespoke, flexible custom software, what WordPress has done for the CMS (content management system). Of course, we’re light years away from their level of success, and can currently only dream of having the impact that WordPress have had, in particular via a largely open source solution, but we’re on the path and enjoying the journey. So here’s to this particular journey  : )


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