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Getting started with Rippler

Rippler has been built for innovation; it’s a faster, better and cheaper way to build custom software. You can check out our What is Rippler post to tell you a bit more about what it is. Here however we want to tell you the best way of getting started.

When will it be helpful?

If you’re looking to build or rebuild any kind of custom software.

It will work with the majority of customer facing applications, software as a service applications (saas), b2b software, marketplace applications, subscription applications…the list goes on and there’s very limited constraints given how flexible it is.  Importantly it’s responsive to all mobile, desktop and laptop devices. 

Our design ecosystem is based on Figma, the front uses angular, html and css while the back end uses node js.  So your team needs to be able to use those tools and languages to assemble an app using Rippler.

I think it might be helpful, what are the next steps?

Just get in touch.  We’ll give you a demo and help you work out the best way to make the most out of Rippler.

You’ve figured out that Rippler is going to save you time, money and effort. What now?

You might be inclined to sit back and relax… however once you’ve risen from your Rippler induced slumber, you’ll now just get into a standard software process or our Rippler optimised development process.

Umm, can you build our app for us with Rippler?

We can, in short. Either internally (in Whyable) or by using our Rippler marketplace where we have some quality suppliers who can support your build.

Any questions, we’re available at [email protected]


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