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Rippler for Entrepreneurs

Rippler Core & Rippler UI have been built for entrepreneurs and technology innovators.  We wanted to make custom mvp creation simple, efficient, scalable and flexible. It’s a relatively tall challenge, but we like a challenge and the benefit for you should be significant. Below are the steps we recommend that you take to get going with Rippler;

Stage 1, User Stories – Consider the user stories you require for your MVP and get them down on paper.  If you’ve gone straight to the UX/ UI design stages, then that’s ok as well. The good thing about user stories is that it really does not cost you much, if anything. 

Stage 2, Design – You’ll need to make a decision regarding whether you can work with Rippler GUI as your user interface, you can see GUI here, just login and have a look around.  GUI will work for a simple b2b MVP, if it’s a consumer facing app, GUI might be too simple, but take a view, the benefit is if you use GUI, you save yourself a huge amount of front end design and dev work. Alternatively, you’ll need the UI and UX designs created from scratch or some kind of template.

We wanted to make custom mvp creation simple, efficient, scalable and flexible. 

Stage 3, Development – With the design work complete, there’s the coding to do.  With GUI the UI coding work will be done faster than without it, and of course we’ll need to finalise the backend too using Rippler Core.  The Core documentation can be found here, Rippler UI documentation is here.

Stage 4, Testing & Bug Fixing – The testing and bug fixing is often where projects falter.  It’s easy to imagine that these products are going to be delivered perfectly for you, but even with the best engineers you’ll have a litany of bugs and thus you must test with patience, and gumption, to move through these issues quickly in order to ultimately deliver a product of value.

Stage 5, Deployment – We recommend a staging and a live environment to allow for proper testing to be done before going live, particularly given an environment of constant improvement via rapid deployment. We can host Rippler for you on our servers or you can set up your own.


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