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Redefining the gig-economy

Carryr is an on-demand delivery service that allows retailers to send items to customers within 2 hours of purchase. Carryr operates in a similar way to Deliveroo, using cyclists as the primary mode of delivery. The application allows carriers to pick up multiple items from different retailers while on route, thereby enabling carriers to deliver more items within a short space of time thus making more money in the process.

Technology for a non-technical founder

Prior to meeting us, Chris Jordan (Founder) had put a lot of work into creating the operating and business models for Carryr and was seeking a dedicated technology partner to build and launch an MVP to further validate the concept and begin gaining traction in the market.

Delivering Carryr

Over three months we designed and developed two apps for Carryr: one being the customer app used by retailers; the other being the delivery app used by the carriers. Working closely with Chris, we created all UI/UX designs for the app and built the entire tech stacks for both applications.

Tom and Henry have also run ideation and business development sessions focusing on the company identity of Carryr, advising on how to validate and gain user feedback from users, and overcoming other hurdles and challenges that have confronted Chris along the way.

Carryr now has two functioning mobile applications that enable retailers to request a carrier for delivering an item. Carriers then receive an order which they can accept on their app. From here carriers are given the exact address of where the item is to be collected and where it’s being delivered.

Testing the goods

With these two apps in hand, Carryr is now able to conduct user testing in the real world, along with pitching the business to investors.

Chris is aiming to secure their first round of funding in 2018 and we’re continuing to support Chris with further business development through our Impact Incubator program.


Both mobile app are built with: Ionic 3, Node JS


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