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We are not from silicon valley 🙂

Whyable was set up in London and Bangalore in 2014. It was conceived to provide technology solutions to the burgeoning early stage startup industry.

We believed then, as we still do today, that this new technology economy will play a big part in shaping our future.

The world needs to consider people, planet and profit

We called the business Whyable because we knew that business needed to have a good WHY. We were inspired by Steve Jobs and Simon Senek’s Golden Circle TED talk.

Each business that we formed or worked with needed to have an answer for WHY it was created and functioning, and we knew that was going to involve people, planet and not just profit. Thank you John Elkington.

The current economic model is not fit for purpose in a technological age.

You only need to look at Amazon, Google, Facebook, Tesla and the following pack to see the impact the startup world can have on our world, albeit, to date, with very mixed results. Not one of those companies is the perfect case study for a business promoting genuinely sustainable and just principles.

In fact the entrepreneurs at the heads of each of the businesses are emblematic of one of the key issues, financial inequality.

There is no doubt, there is something fundamentally problematic with the status quo.

We are currently on a journey towards the destruction of our ecosystems, a much warmer planet, a multi-tiered species, and an unknown risk involving the evolution of artificial intelligence (AI).

The wealthiest 22 men in the world...

own more than all the women in Africa.

The current climate warming...

is predicted to be four degrees celsius by 2100.

We're losing species at a faster rate...

between 1,000 & 10,000 times faster than expected without human impact.

As we form new intelligent life in AI, we need to be aware of the risks

Metrics to measure our progress are important, and much of the wonderful world that we live in today is down to quality science and rational thinking. However, in a new technology driven economy there needs to be a change in the way that we think, to pave the way for an expansion of human consciousness prior to the real birth of AI.

Left brain, rational thinking has its limitations, and the issues we face are in part due to this relentless pursuit of rationality. Indeed, we see green shoots of hope, additionally it’s not so long ago that humans had a more balanced way of thinking, and were much more in tune with the world that we lived in.

We are human. Emotional and flawed, but ingenious evolved apes

We have the ability, with technology and global thinking, to create an extraordinary and wonderful future

With technology, an awareness that humanity is animalistic, and a refined capitalism we can hope for a world which respects all life forms.  This paradigm will replace competition for collaboration, profit for purpose, and the individual for the collective

This is the world that we try to practice at Whyable and this is the world that we hope we can help to bring.

Web and mobile apps with a good WHY.

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