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Optimising group travel

Travelling in large groups is by no means easy and often fraught with conflicting demands: People need to agree ahead of time on such things as travel dates and times, locations, accommodation and activities.

Specific documents are also needed such as passport numbers, emergency contacts and phone numbers, plus records and receipts for any bookings made or other important information the group needs on hand such as travel itineraries and copies of receipts.

Sheena approached us with a brilliant idea in mind: an application designed to facilitate group planning in an organised, collaborative and easy manner, with the aim being to overcome many of the challenges with planning and managing the travel itineraries for large groups.

Ideating Tripomise

Working collaboratively with Sheena, our team of UI/UX designers began by running a number of ideation sessions to critically assess the best possible user flows and designs for the application. In each of these sessions the designs for the app evolved through a number of iterations, we tested how each and every feature worked to ensure that the final product functioned as a brilliant solution to the problems of group travel. Ashank, our UI designer, created a variety of logos, icons and brand aesthetics which resulted in the current Tripomise brand.

Visualising Tripomise

We delivered Sheena an InVision static prototype that has allowed her to demonstrate the key features, test and validate the user flow as well as the overall concept with potential users.  

With the prototype in hand, Sheena has been able to convey her concept clearly to potential user and motive investors for raising seed funding. Moreover, testing the prototype has allowed us to identify and prioritise the features that will become part of the first MVP build.

Through testing the prototype on potential users, Sheena has gained insightful feedback on the concept and which features users found most valuable. This feedback is also known as validated learning and is now allowing us to look at which features will constitute MVP1 for Tripomise.

Tripomise’d Technology

Invision static prototype


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