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Enabling IPEN to go global

The International Positive Education Network (IPEN) brings education experts, organisations and governments together to promote positive education. IPEN’s goal is to support collaboration, change education practice and reform government policy.

Going global

IPEN’s initial website was basic and had limited functionality. With a growing international community and more demand for specific information and content, IPEN were needing to build a digital platform that functioned as a single point of reference for all content, key information and updates relating to the people, festivals and other activities run throughout the year.

 A new digital strategy

Working closely with Emily Larson (Director of IPEN) and a number of her colleagues, we began by taking the time to understand IPEN’s future growth and direction; it became clear that technology had to become a core part of both their growing community and the organisation. With this understanding in mind, we built a bespoke website that is both flexible and scalable. In doing this we focused on two key areas: the first was to provide value for the community with an interactive Learning Library; and the second was to visualise the growing international community through an interactive map, the aim being to enable members to reach out and connect to one and other no matter where they are in the world. 

Positive partnership

IPEN now has a flexible website through which they can build out their business model, continue growing their community and further promote the positive education movement. More content is now available in the Learning Library and on the IPEN Blog. As Emily will attest, the technology we have built so far has been central to IPEN’s growth and it will become all the more important as the organisation continues to grow this year.

Over the course of 2018 IPEN is expanding into the UAE (Dubai) and will be running a number of festivals throughout the year which will all be promoted online. We are now looking at developing a number of major features which will completely transform IPEN into a technologically driven organisation.

Technology Used

Web App – MEAN Stack, HTML, CSS

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