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Cylon Demo Day

CyLon is Europe’s first cyber security incubator and accelerator offering a twice yearly, three month programme to startups and entrepreneurs developing cyber security technologies.

Within Cylon Cohort 5 there are seven startups all working on cutting-edge cyber security applications, most of which involve artificial intelligence. The seven startups are featured below. — automatically anonymises personal information to help businesses share data securly and uses AI to identify and intelligently replace personally identifiable information in evolving datasets.

One of the biggest issues with data is the fact that much of it is personalinformation captured throughout our digital activities and often contains intimate details about lives, such as our banking details, usernames and passwords, just to name a few. anonymises our personal  informational all the while providing valuable data about the general demographics of a certain user base. For instance, a bank can share certain details about its customers with an insurance company without providing any personal details about those customers. Thus can share valuable data while protecting our personal information at the same.

Deceptive Bytes —

Deceptive Bytes provides an endpoint defensive and offensive solution against unknown and sophisticated viruses using deception technology based on behaviour.

This technology is particularly interesting due to the way it manipulates the methods and techniques of a virus and plays with it psychologically. It does this by tricking the virus into believing that it is in a hostile or unattractive environment thereby stopping the virus in its tracks. Rather than preventing a virus from attacking, it fools the virus into thinking that the system is not worth attacking and thus moves on.

HighSide —

An incredible 91% of all data breaches start with communications. HighSide massively reduces your business risk associated with cybercrime, data breaches, customer attrition, shadow IT, reputational damages, financial loss and more by securing your team’s internal communications and file sharing layers.

Immune to phishing, spoofing, man-in-the-middle, ssl attacks and more, HighSide is able to secure and protect a company’s sensitive information and communications thereby minimising the risk of data breaches and attacks.

Immersive Labs —

Immersive Labs plugs the skills gap through streaming practical hands-on labs to the browser, enabling organisations to identify hidden talent, measure cyber skills and keep up with attackers.

This product allows coders and programmers to learn and further develop their skills around secure coding, reverse engineering, ethical hacking, security investigation and response, open source investigation and more.

For any tech team who wants to improve their skill and abilities relating to cyber security, immersive labs is the platform to use.

Lantaca —

Lantaca is a cyber security company specifically working with Multi Site organisations in Ireland. It specialises in multi segmented secure connections for Clients and Staff in remote offices connecting to the Head Office via a VPN solution and the installation of a hardware device with pre-installed cloud based Firmware. This gives centralised visibility and protection to all sites with the ability of Head Office to easily support their entire network.

One use case for Lantaca is a retail company with many stores spread across a country. By plugging in the hardware device, the company can connect with all the stores and gain a centralised view of the internal systems and communications across the network of stores. Lantaca also prevents the leakage of information and protects the company from external attacks.

Spherical Defence —

Spherical Defence has developed proprietary Deep Learning technology developed at Cambridge. Having found vulnerabilities in Banks, Spherical Defence is focusing on the financial sector now that Banks are being forced to open their APIs to third party apps by January 2018. Because of this Spherical Defence is developing an Intrusion Detection System for APIs using Deep Learning which protects against intruders.

Titan Grid —

Titan Grid has built a scalable, easy to use solution for identifying people’s cyber risk to social engineering and scams. The Titan Grid tool can automate the tools used by hackers to see what they know about you. In other words, Titan Grid knows what the hackers know about you.

Using this knowledge, Titan Grid can help you prevent social engineering attacks by lowering the amount of harmful personal information and providing targeted training to the right people. The tools provides the missing visibility you need to make the right decisions for a stronger cyber defence strategy.


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