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Better connecting the LGBTI community

Better connecting the LGBTI community


Better connecting the LGBTI community


Fed up with dating apps? It’s time to get on the Hooof then! Hooof is a social discovery app for the LGBTQI community and matches users based on their mutual social, cultural and intellectual interests. The app allows users to select a number of activities such as theatre, museums, galleries, hiking, running and many, many more. Once matched, users can then chat between themselves to organise and arrange plans for meeting up and doing more social and cultural activities rather than just going on an awkward date..

Getting Hooof up and running

With Matt and Darren (both co-founders) bootstrapping the MVP, we selected only the most necessary features for them to test and validate the concept with users. This meant that we had to leave out the chat feature initially, but when some additional funding come through we then built the chat feature into the app along with some further product enhancements.

As one of our incubees, we have also helped guide and support Matt and Darren with their company identity, routes to market, product roadmap, setting KPIs and following best methods for gaining validation and user feedback.

Get on the Hooof..!

Hooof now has a live beta app which they are using to further test and validate the concept and trial the product with real users. Matt and Darren are now seeking to raise £150,000 of seed investment to build out the app and further develop their business.


Ionic 3, Node JS

Project Link

Find Hooof on the App Store here and the Play store here.


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