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Want the startup secret sauce?

We enable large organisations to innovate with the same speed and agility as startups. We do this by augmenting our team with your organisation; this allows you to innovate without heavy bureaucracy and guarantees rapid product development. We can also set up and run incubator and accelerator programs that bring corporates and startups together in a spirit of collaboration and partnership. This is what we call Lean Innovation.

Startup Acceleration

As a team of startup founders and entrepreneurs, we know how hard it is to scale and grow a technology business. In many cases, the hardship happens due to a shortage of technical resources and/or a lack of business knowledge, specialised advice and wider support. To help startups accelerate their growth, we offer all the digital design and technical resources necessary for scaling their business and achieving major milestones.

Impact Incubator

Our Impact Incubator is designed to help and support the very best entrepreneurs and early-stage startups who are on a mission to create positive social and environmental impact. Our program focuses on laying solid business foundations which includes testing and validating hypotheses, building products and recording key metrics and data that demonstrate sustainable growth. Our aim is to then help fundraise the first seed round for these startups.